ICE Software

Custom Software Development

If you are a startup with some great ideas, we can help you bring them to market.

If you already have an established business and want to develop it or create new products, we can build the software you need.


About the Company

Integrated Computing Environments Ltd (ICE Software) started in 1989. It is a privately held company with 30 years of experience building custom-made software for clients in the USA and Europe. Our core business supports small to medium-sized companies, frequently startups, in medical technology, bio-informatics and the printing and pre-press industries.

Our offices are in Cochin, in the state of Kerala.

What We Do

We build custom-designed software solutions. We provide online technical assistance for our clients’ end users. We offer software maintenance and enhancement after the initial development, and we provide remote systems and database management for clients with ongoing requirements.

For companies engaged in telemedicine, medical research, clinical trials or development of new drugs, we build proprietary software to deliver their services, manage their research and analyze their results. For clients in the printing and prepress industries, we build custom Acrobat plugins to enhance the quality and efficiency of their production process.


Projects and Clients


ICE can bring your idea to life on any platform


ICE has developed both standalone desktop applications and plugins for products such as Adobe Acrobat for the medical and prepress industries.

.NET, WPF, C++, C#


Do you need a mobile app? Whether it's your core product or just part of the puzzle, ICE can help.

iOS, Andriod, React Native


Web applications, backend services, REST APIs.

.NET, C#, Django, Python, React, Javascript